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14 Good Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Learning how to talk to girls is often a challenge for men, and for some guys it doesn’t get any easier the longer you know a woman. But actions sometimes speak louder than words, and come February 14 you can say Happy Valentine’s Day or even I Love You by giving her a present instead. But this just begs the question regarding the perfect Valentines Day gifts for her.

If you are experiencing a pronounced lack of any idea on what to give her, here are some ideas for you to consider. All of these possible Valentines Day gifts for her are eminently affordable yet highly appreciated, which makes them among the best investment you can ever make for your romantic relationship.

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Joint Lessons -The point of Valentines Day (and of a romantic relationship n general) is to spend some time together. Why not make your together time productive and enroll in special classes? Discover her interests and then join her for some lesson. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, pottery, or shooting, you two can spend some time together and learn things that will last you for a lifetime.

Professional Massage and Spa Treatment – For the working woman (which is just about every woman these days), a gift coupon for a relaxing massage and spa is just what the doctor ordered.

Flowers – These are considered classics for a reason. Just make sure you know her favorite flowers, and if you don’t then at least her favorite colors. Arrange to have it delivered where others (like her friends and coworkers, for example) can see it. Making other people envious is part of the gift.

Chocolates – Again, this is a classic when it comes to Valentines Day gifts for her. It may be better to give her this present away from her friends, so that she won’t have to share them. Buy her some special brands from Switzerland (go online), and not just some plain chocolate from a convenience store.

Wine – If you know her favorite wine, then you’re all set. Just order a bottle or a case of her favorites, and you’re good to go. But if the subject of wine has never come up and she hasn’t mentioned an aversion to the stuff, then it’s easy enough to figure out what she likes without spoiling the surprise. The key is to know what her favorite food is, and then do some online research as to what the best wine you can buy to match that favorite food.

Romantic Vacation – A romantic weekend vacation is always nice, especially if you can plan ahead so that everything’s taken care of. Like other great Valentines Day gifts, it doesn’t have to cost oodles of money either; you can go to a bed and breakfast out of town or even out of state. The idea of the romantic vacation is important here and not the location per se. If lately the two of you don’t have much time to spend together, you can simply arrange for an indoor meal while making sure that your cell phone and hers are turned off.

Cook for her – If you have the culinary skills, then why not show them off? It doesn’t have to be a “master chef”-category meal either. What makes this one of the more romantic Valentines Day gifts is that you make the entire occasion everything about her. Make her favorites, and wait on her hand and foot.

Pets – Sometimes the ideal Valentines Day gifts for her are pets who’ll love her like you do. Puppies and kittens are perennial favorites, but you can go to an animal shelter and pick other kinds of pets. Just make sure you both have the extra time to devote to a pet. If not, then perhaps the two of you can just go to an animal shelter every now and then to help out.

Romantic Letter – In this age of emails and text messages, e-cards are all the rage. For something more sentimental and romantic, you can instead send exotic valentines day cards and a heartfelt love letter.

Travel Mug – If she’s always on the go, you can show that you’re romantic by gifting her with cute Valentines Day gifts like travel mugs. Get it personalized by getting your pictures printed on them, or perhaps a special message.

Picture Presentations – Many women love looking at pictures. Give her a special scrapbook that she can keep close to remind her of all the special times you’ve spent together. You can also make it easy for her to use your pictures as wallpapers for PCs and mobile devices. Do this yourself instead of buying it, as homemade Valentines Day gifts show that you believe your relationship with her is worth the effort. Tell her that too, when you present it to her.

A Different Location – Every relationship suffers a rut every now and then, and the answer is to travel to a new place as a Valentines Day gift for her. Go to the zoo, or a museum, or perhaps a new restaurant. Make sure it’s a new experience for her.

New Sheets for Staying in Bed All Day – Bed sheets can be luxury items, and you can buy the more luxurious sets that are perfect for all-day bed rests and romantic trysts.

Jewelry – These are among the best valentines day gifts you can give her, you show you care and that she’s worth the expense, and at the same time it’s something that can make her look and feel better. Every time she wears it, she can be reminded of just how thoughtful you were on Valentines Day. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive—there are many types of bracelets, pendants, and earrings that are perfectly affordable

Tips For Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Although all of these ideas for the perfect Valentines Day gifts for her are somewhat generic, you can choose something that matches her preferences and personality. Know her favorite colors and remember her hobbies, and the two of you can enjoy a truly wonderful February 14.

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