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7 Tips for Dating Success

Are you going on a date and want it to be successful? If yes, follow some tips given below.

Dressings: Your clothes should leave good impression on the person’s mind (or your girlfriend), who you are going to meet. It doesn’t mean that you should wear expensive clothes to impress your date. Your date won’t mind if your clothes are cheap but she would surely mind if your clothes are dirty or smelling due to sweating etc. Hence wear neat and clean dress which should be free from any smell. You should not look like a joker or clown in your dress; try to look like a gentleman.

A recent survey states that girls don’t like men who dress up like waiters or courier boys. Hence avoid dressing like them. Be natural and simple!

Bad Breath:
 Bad breath is a common problem and if your date feels your bad breath it would leave a very bad impression and even your relation may not continue. If your mouth smells, you must take proper actions to make sure that your breath doesn’t smell while you are meeting your date. So gargle with some effective mouthwash before meeting your date. You can also chew cardamom before meeting her but do not keep chewing when you are with her.

Don’t Be Late: It would leave very bad impression on your date’s mind if she has to wait for you. But if you are late she will have to wait for you. Hence avoid being late (unless you are stuck in some unavoidable situations). Due to any reason if you are being late, inform her on her cell phone so that she would know the reason of you being late. The best way to impress your date is to wait for her and greet her warmly when she arrives.

While ordering for foods or drinks, surprise her with ordering her favourite foods or drinks. For this you would need to do some homework. You would need to ask her friends her likes and dislikes.

Gifts: Well, if you can present her some gifts it would certainly make her feel very happy and pleasantly surprised. This would bring her closer to you and she would like to see you soon on another date.

Bill Payment: Don’t let her pay the bill even if she can afford or she is very rich. Well, if she has to pay the bill due to any reason, pay the bill from your side by borrowing it from her and making her feel that you would return her money in near future. In this way she would feel that you are a person of self esteem and self respect and you care for her.

Light Conversation:
 Don’t let her feel that you are her boss by asking her too many questions such as where do you work; how much do you get; why don’t you find another job etc. Your conversation should be light and should not embarrass her. Keep the atmosphere light with some humor.

Speak Less, Listen More: Let her talk more and listen to her attentively. Finally if you possess a bike or a car give her lift to the nearest place of her residence. Don’t try to drop her on the gate of her house on first date unless it’s necessary.

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