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Alcoholism Effects On Family

In the modern world, it is very common to find an alcoholic person in a family. According to a data, there are nearly 6.6 million children in the United States, who have at least one of their parents as alcoholic. People may think that drinking alcohol in excess amount is a habit. Yes, initially alcohol consumption may be considered as a habit but when the person starts consuming excessive alcohol then he or she is said to suffer from a disease or disorder. Discussed below in brief, are some alcoholism effects on family.

Excessive alcohol intake can never be justified in any situation. Some people may get used to alcoholic merely out of stress, depression, bad relationship, or just out of their will. Alcoholism not only ruins the general health of the affected person but also ruins the life of his/her family. Yes, the family life of an alcoholic person is greatly affected and in many cases, a broken relationship or a divorce are the outcomes.

Many women are unable to cope up with the daily sufferings caused by the abuses of the alcoholic husband and hence in the end, choose to get a divorce. Many women also become a depression patient due to their alcoholic husbands. Each and every family members of an alcoholic person gets affected badly. In fact, the normal life of the entire family may get interrupted and disrupted. But the greatest effect of alcoholism can be seen in the kids and the babies. Alcoholic parents can do great harm to the mental growth and development of their innocent children.

A child whose parents are alcoholic can be mentally affected and thus may develop several problems such as depression, guilt, low self esteem, suicidal attacks, fear of desertion, fearlessness, etc. You may not like to believe it if you are the alcoholic parent of a child, but you must know the fact that your alcoholism can have a great influence on your child’s personality and he might become an introvert, exceptionally self conscious and may also cry alone! Their academic performance can deteriorate. They may also suffer from night sweats, bed wetting and can develop hypertension out of excessive stress and tension at an early stage of life.It may not come to you as a surprise if you come to discover that child has also taken the help of alcohol to escape the guilt, shame, pain and frustration that you have given to your child due to alcoholism.

Alcoholism starts harming your child right from the time of conception. Yes, if you are a pregnant lady, who consumes excessive alcohol, then you might be causing great harm to your developing baby without even knowing about it. Your baby might be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which might be responsible for causing many birth defects in your baby. Hence, alcoholism has the capacity to ruin a baby’s health and life even before his birth.

The non alcoholic spouse may have to face a lot of problems like mental exhaustion, frustration, depression, etc. She/he may have to carry out the responsibilities of the other spouse too. It has been seen that a house that has an alcoholic has to undergo financial troubles quite often.

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