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How To Boost Your Confidence With Women and Get them to like you

Men’s Lack of confidence with women has resulted in a barrage of online advice articles and books regarding the best ways to talk and interact with women. The problem with this scenario is that many advice articles are written by guys who don’t really know what they’re talking about. Some of them even recommend a cocky approach that for many women may border on being arrogant and offensive. Instead of being a jerk, however, you can boost your confidence with women in ways that are nice, respectful, and highly appreciated by the opposite sex.

Recent studies on the subject reveal that women are actually easy enough to understand about what they seek in men. Obviously, confidence is an important factor. Confident women like someone who’s as confident as they are, but unsure women also like confident men because to them, that equates to dependability. Being timid and nervous may seem cute in Hollywood movies, but in real life it doesn’t really work at all.

List of things you need to consider so that you can succeed in gaining confidence with women.

  1. Take Care of Your Hygiene. I cannot stress this enough: Try To Look As Good As You Can. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt or George Clooney. You can look like Mick Jagger and still be attractive to women! Seriously though, you can just be you but you should be at your best. This means you brush your teeth regularly, you keep your skin healthy, you take a shower daily, you shave properly or keep your beard trim, and you comb your hair neatly. Don’t tell me that being scruffy is who you are really—if you are decidedly unconcerned about your looks yet you don’t have confidence with women, then perhaps you’re doing something wrong.
  2. Dress Properly. A lot of girls believe that clothes make the man, and it’s time you subscribe to this dictum as well. Surely by now you are aware that fashion is important to women. If you decide to talk to a particular woman then that woman has passed your standards. Now it’s time for you to pass hers.

Clothes are important in these kinds of things because women believe it to be so. Your clothes make you look more attractive and appealing, and knowing this fact can give you more confidence with women. So wear clean clothes, make sure they fit you, and that the color matches your skin tone. Know how to mix and match your apparel. Read up on the latest styles and get the less fabulous and more affordable versions of what’s in style today.

  1. Think Well of Yourself. To be confident is to trust and be certain about something, and if you are self-confident then you need to be sure about yourself. In other words, you can’t really be self-confident if deep down you don’t trust yourself. But, some experts think there’s a shortcut into gaining self-confidence—it doesn’t need to take years to develop.

First you can take into account everything you’ve ever done. Don’t be humble, as this is an examination of your self-worth, and denigrating yourself and belittling your efforts are counter-productive. What have you done in your life? It doesn’t have to be a big thing. For some people, surviving high school is enough of an achievement, for example. The point is not to be cocky and an arrogant bastard; it is to realize that you’re not worthless. Take note of all your attributes that you think you can place in the “plus” column (you’re a nice guy, etc.) and write it down so you don’t forget. Knowing that you’re worth something is a great way to gain self confidence with women.

  1. Know What to Say. Knowing how to talk to girls is one of the most important things you need to learn. One of the reasons you may lack confidence and feel intimidated is that you think of women as some sort of divine creatures that are way out of your league. That may not be necessarily true; if you’re in the same bar or going to the same parties and school, then in some ways you two are equals. Remember this fact well, and don’t go overboard by overcompensating and looking down on women.

So approach her with a smile and say “hi”. Just say the basics—there’s no imperative need to be clever and funny in the beginning. Say your name, and perhaps tell her something about yourself. If you actually have memorized a bunch of stupid pickup lines, you can still use them only in the proper context. For example, tell her that your friends (or some dating advice website perhaps) told you to say particular pickup lines but you think they’re all stupid. At this point perhaps she’ll ask for some examples of lines you’ve considered. The other option is to ask her some examples of pickup lines guys have tried on her.

Once this subject has been exhausted, just mention that these lines are shortcuts so that men and women can learn about one another. Tell her something about yourself, and then ask about her. The ultimate secret of talking to women is that you need to listen to her, instead of trying to prepare in advance what you should say.

  1. Know What to Do with Your Hands. Unless you’re Italian or speak only in sign language, you may not know what to do with your hands when you’re talking to a girl. There are some things you shouldn’t do, as women will interpret them as signs of lack of confidence. These include putting your hands in your pockets (it makes you slouch, which doesn’t show confidence), fidgeting, closing them over your chest, or making large gestures. Just keep them at your sides. If this is a big problem for you, hold a drink in your hands when you talk to a woman.

Build Confidence With Women

Building confidence with women, even with all these tips, isn’t an instantaneous process. Just find the guts to talk to women in the first place. Just like in sports or in video games, you can’t improve yourself if you don’t practice. Doing all these things often allows you to get used to it, and being familiar with these situations can boost your confidence with women as well. Like sports and video games, you may miss some shots or lose some games, but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing the game.

How To Get A Woman To Like You Easily

They say that it is hard to figure out how to get a woman to like you but really it is not that hard. Women are people too just like you and so you have to treat them that way. Once you break the barrier in your mind that the woman you want to like you is just another human being with likes, dislikes, ambitions, and mistakes, you will be more likely to believe that approaching them and getting a woman to like you isn’t complicated rocket science. It all starts with the way you look.

  1. How to Get a Woman to Like You: Make Sure You Look Good

You have to admit it: people always look at the physical aspects before anything else. Physical attraction starts with decent looks. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a celebrity or a steaming hot macho man – you just have to look presentable and clean.

Make sure you know who you are and try to use your sense of fashion as a means to strengthen your identity. This way a girl will immediately know what kind of person you are just by looking at your choice of clothes and the way you style your hair. If you think you got their attention just by the way you look, you’re already on the right track. You’ve caught their attention but now you’ve got to spark some interest. If you want to how to get a woman to like you, you will need to start by knowing what she likes in the first place.

  1. How to Get a Woman to Like You: Building Rapport

You need to build a link or bond with her so start with a simple conversation. How to talk to a woman you like is not hard – simply start with a sincere compliment. Everybody likes being appreciated but women love it so much more if you praise their clothes, their looks, or something about their physical appearance. This is because they put a lot of time, money, and effort on the way they look so if you start your conversation from there you’ll likely succeed at getting her to like you, initially.

But you can’t just rely on compliments. A girl will see through your intentions if all you do is praise her. Try to build rapport by talking about common interests. Try to find out what she likes – her hobbies, favorite movies or music – and start from there. If you don’t know what to say to a woman you like start with areas you are familiar with. If you have common interests then you’ll find it really easy to keep on talking.

Remember that talking is the key to building chemistry. All the flirty looks and mild touching sends good signals but it is the conversations that will keep her mind focused on you and you alone.

  1. How to Get a Woman to Like You: Make Her Laugh

If you don’t know how to talk to girls then simply try to make her laugh. Don’t go with old jokes, perverted jokes, or sly comments – these will only disgust the girl and make her turn away. Instead you want to find her sense of humor, her funny bone per se, and then work on it. When a girl keeps laughing and has a good time, they will be the ones to contact you a second time.

Remember: don’t rely on old jokes or those pick-up lines that a lot of dating advisors give. They can be really cheesy and out of place. Instead, focus on the tip given above: ask her what her interests are and see if you can turn it into something fun to laugh about.

  1. How to Get a Woman to Like You: Step Out of the “Friends Only” Zone

Flirt. That is something you need to comfortable with if you want to learn how to make a woman like you. They need to know you are more than just a friend. You can start with little flirty looks and simple conversations that bait them towards more serious “relationship” talk. These simple baits should send them soft signals that you want more than just friendship.

When it comes to touching the girl, you don’t want to be so aggressive at the start. Yes, there are girls who love being hugged and kissed right from the moment you get their name but don’t think every girl is the same. There are a lot of ways you can touch a girl without sending them the wrong message.

For example you could take their hand when they are crossing the street or climbing in and out of vehicle. It is not only a way to build physical connection but it also makes you look like a concerned gentleman. You could touch her by helping her put her coat on or take her hand when leading her out of a busy crowd. Make sure you know your limits though – women are far more sensitive to touches so if you sense something slightly wrong, stop touching for a while and observe until she is comfortable again.

Get That Girl

To sum it up these are the crucial steps you ought to follow if you want to know how to make a woman like you:

  • Look good and look clean.
  • Impress her and compliment her to start a conversation.
  • Build some rapport – conversations make a good way to build a relationship.
  • Break the woman’s touch barrier with polite but suggestive touches.
  • Flirt but don’t be outright rude and naughty.

Getting a woman to like you is all about sparking their interests. You want them to be to the first ones to call you up for a second or even a third date. Let them realize just how interested they are in you and how much fun you can be. By working on their interests and talking to them as well adding in a few touches and flirty tactics that makes them long for more, you’ll eventually get the girl that you like to like you.

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