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How to Clean a Watch

Every watch at some point or another will start to show signs of wear, especially watches that have specialty metallic bands such as stainless steel, gold or platinum. The good news is that this is something we can fix with a little effort and time.

There are a few different strategies you can use when polishing the watch and a few different tools that can be used. Trust me, buying brand new watch bands and fitting them can get expensive and time consuming so it’s always great to know how to care for what you have.

Get ready for some great pointers on how to clean a watch!

Fabulustre Fabric

Fabulustre cloth is an amazing and versatile cloth that can typically be used as a finisher for very light polishing and removing residue. The cloth itself is two sided and contains abrasives that will leave your watch with a very clean and brilliant finish. It can then be buffed with the other side of the cloth to give it the final and finished look. Be aware that this will not remove scratches that are deeply inset; we will talk about that a little later in the article.

Sunshine Cloth

Sunshine polishing cloth is a wonderful cloth that can remove all types of tarnish and it can erase signs of wear from a watches stainless steel band. The cloth contains micro abrasives that gently remove and polish away tarnish. This is great method that can be used daily without consequence and will keep your watch looking beautiful.

How to Clean a Watch - Sunshine Cloth

Cape Cod Cloths

Cop Cod Cloths are a step up from both cloths that I mentioned above. This cloth can be a little more aggressive but it will help you remove much more tarnish and residue from your watch band and watch face. It requires a little more elbow grease but will make the watch look almost brand new. After using the cape cod cloth, you can then use a micro fiber buffing cloth the buff the finish.

Metal Sharpening Paste

Metal buffing pastes are a little more difficult to work with but they work amazingly well when used correctly. The idea is to use a little bit on a buffing or microfiber cloth and work it into the metal to polish out scratches and residue.

This is great for scratches that are not deeply inset into the watch band. After you finish working the compound, you can then use a clean microfiber cloth to lightly buff out the compound. If polish still remains you can also damp a clean end on the cloth and wipe it out, and that’s how to clean a watch with polish paste.

Dremel with Polish Compound

The last resort and final method I use to remove scratches and tarnish from my watch bands is a dremel and polishing compound. You should note that if you have never used a dremel before you should be very careful, they can spin at extremely high RPM’s and any loose clothing or jewelry can get caught up in them.

The dremel uses high speed RPM’s and a buffing bit to buff the scratches at high speed removing any deep scratches. There are a variety of compounds that are available for use. They can be picked up cheaply from amazon with full descriptions and how they should be used.

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