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How To Talk Dirty To A Girl Over Text

For a lot of guys, learning how to talk dirty to a girl over text can be a bit complicated. After all, talking dirty over text is a variation of sex play, and that sort of thing is always fraught with complications. Sexting is much more difficult because you can’t gauge her reactions based on her voice inflections and facial expressions. But with enough practice, any guy can learn how to talk dirty to girls over text properly.

How to Talk Dirty to Girls : When Not To Talk Dirty Over Text

Before you start sexting, you need to be sure that she would be amenable to this sort of communication. If you have any doubts or you don’t know enough about her, then perhaps you should postpone initiating this type of communication. For example, just because she gave you her cell phone number after you two met at a party doesn’t mean that you are already at that stage. Even after the two of you have had a successful first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you can send her lascivious messages right afterwards.

So when can you do it? There are generally two indications that she would be OK to this type of sex play. The first one is if it is she who starts this kind of text conversation. If she starts sending you really dirty messages about her fantasies and what she likes to do for sex, then it’s okay for you to reciprocate. The other clear sign that would show she would not be averse to this type of conversation is if the two of you have had sex with each other. Sex is considered the pinnacle of physical intimacy, which means that less overt sex play should also be okay.

Don’t forget to pick the right time of day as well. Don’t call during office hours as she’ll most likely be busy. And don’t send her messages late at night, because she won’t feel too sexy if you wake her up just for some texting conversation. Mastering how to talk dirty to girls over text means knowing enough about her so that you know when it is best to initiate your text messaging. Generally, the best time to initiate these text messages is when she’s at home and you know she’s already had dinner. When she’s ready to get to bed, that’s when you send her your dirty messages.

How to Talk Dirty to Girls : How to Start

If you want to master how to talk dirty over text, you need to start with the basics. Here are some “how to talk dirty to a girl over text” examples you may send to initiate your sexting conversation:

  1. “Are you alone?” You need to ask this question if you want her to fully engage with your texting initiatives. If she’s with other people like her workmates or worse, her parents she may not be all that enthusiastic about getting this type of messages from you. If she’s not alone, find out when she will be and then try again.
  2. “Are you busy” She may be alone, but she may also be already engaged in doing something important. If so, then your texting attempts may have to put on the backburner. Although it can be a boost to your go if she’s willing to set aside something important for you, it may be best if you ask her when she’ll be finished with her work before you try again. Sexting requires some concentration, and it won’t really work well if she’s distracted with other concerns.
  3. “What are you wearing right now?” This is a classic (and almost a cliché), but it’s used every time because it works just about every time. Once you’ve ascertained that she’s alone and not doing anything of importance, tell her that you really want to see her right at that moment. Since it is not possible at the moment, you can then ask her what’s she’s wearing. This is why it’s best to do this sort of thing when she’s getting ready for bed. Her clothes are often more comfortable and even sexier.

How to Talk Dirty to Girls : How to Proceed

Once you get the ball rolling, don’t lose momentum. During the initial stages, always ask the right questions so that she is encouraged to think about it and respond.

  • Ask her what kind of clothes she feels sexiest in. Whatever she says, tell her that you’re imagining her right now in those clothes. Then ask her what she wants you to wear to turn her on.
  • It’s easy to segue to body parts from this point on. Ask her what she likes to wonder about beneath your clothes—this can encourage her to text dirty words for your male body parts.
  • Get her to imagine you undressing her, and ask her how she wants to be kissed and touched. Tell her to describe these with lots of details. Not only does she start imagining this in her head, but you also get to know these for future reference.
  • Get her to text you how she likes to turn men on. Again, encourage her to provide a lot of details. Show your appreciation by texting her how good that would feel for you.
  • Get her to describe her favorite positions, and ask her for details. Does she like vigorous pumps or more languorous strokes? Does she like to be spanked, to talk dirty, or to have her hair pulled? Whatever it is, tell her that you’d really like to do all those things to her and tell her to imagine that you are there.
  • If there’s any way at all for you to get to her, then do so! This pump is now primed. If not, then at least promise her something similar the next time you do meet in person.

How to Talk Dirty to Girls : A Final Tip

If you haven’t realized it by now, it’s not really your words that will turn her on. It’s her imagination—the purpose of your text messages is to get her brain running in that direction. Companionship and affection is important for any relationship, but then so is sex. By learning how to talk dirty to girls over text, you can make sure that she doesn’t neglect to associate you with sex the next time the two of you meet in person.

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