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Internet Dating – Advantages and Risk Factors

The growing popularity of computers and internet services has given a great boost to Internet Dating. A couple of movies too have made internet dating a very common phenomenon. Who could have guessed that about a decade or two earlier individuals from far apart would be dating via a medium known as ‘Internet’? But today with the help of internet you could connect with people far and wide and even across the globe thereby, giving you a wide variety of people to choose from and find the one who is most compatible with you.

Some of the advantages of internet dating are that you get to know the person before you decide to meet him/her. Most of the sites require a couple of information like your likes, dislikes, zodiac sign, hobbies and even your photograph. So maybe when you are looking for someone online you could have a better knowledge about the person and hence you could be better prepared when you meet the person. For people who are busy and don’t have time to socialize or even those who are introverts, this is one of the best ways in which they can meet people.

Internet dating can also help in building up the confidence of an individual and also help in gaining friends wherein you don’t feel as lonely as your real life may be. It is a comparatively cheaper and time saving source of getting to know loads of people. It is one of the most fun filled ways with which you could get to know others. However, internet dating does carry some risk factors which need to be kept in mind.

Some of these disadvantages or risk factors are that the other person may just fill in all false information about him / herself with even a fake picture which leads you to building castles in the air. You may get attracted to that false picture and begin building an image of him or her which may just not be similar to his/her actual personality. This could result in you ultimately knowing that the person you’ve found is wrong.

A person may not always form a right opinion about the other but at least it is better when an individual meets and speaks to the other face to face – but, in the case of internet dating you don’t meet or speak to the person directly but write. It would be helpful to note that not all individuals have good writing skills. Some individuals may lie just to have fun while some others may do it deliberately to just get themselves a girlfriend or boyfriend at any cost.

Sometimes these internet dating sites could pose as a major security threat. People could hack into their ID or even create a fake ID with your name to defame you. In some cases individuals even use these internet dating sites to blackmail individuals and rob them not only of their money but also their peace.

So while dating through internet use your brain and common sense also.

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