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Martial arts – the Purest Form of Warfare

It has been rightly said that a person who is well versed with martial arts is a ‘one man army’. The above statement would not be too much of an exaggeration, provided the person is trained to perfection with this excellent art.

The field is interesting and challenging too, owing to the class and the divinity that has been associated with martial arts. Ideally, martial arts, which refers to method of warfare, has gained its present form having received inputs from different generations and fighters from various parts of the globe. Currently, there are various forms of martial arts known and each one of them is better than the other in its own way. The ideal age to learn martial arts would be in the late teens, as the body and the mind can receive the best at this point in time.

There are many advantages of this art and it has been scientifically proven too. Experts terms martial arts as an art and a science. Success in this field depends mainly on a person’s ability to put into use at lightning speed, the deadly skills he has acquired.

Speed and accuracy are two words that would define martial arts to the fullest. Thus, in case you are one among those people who give more value to the inner strength in the body and chooses it over bulky muscles gained from workout, martial arts would be the ideal choice for you. It goes without saying that martial arts and other forms of kickboxing depend mainly on body weight training unlike the rigorous workout sessions that happens in the gym.

If one has observed carefully, it is very likely that he has noted the fact of martial art warriors having a relatively smaller but very flexible frame.

Basically, martial arts are comprised of three main sections, namely strikes, grappling and weaponry. Each of them has its own significance and one needs to master them to perfection to make a successful warrior in martial arts.

While strikes mainly deal with the use of moves that can help a person strike the opponent and put him on a back foot, grappling is made use for breaking down the opponent’s moves. It also proves helpful in draining him out physically and mentally. Moves like punching, kicking and Muay Thai come under the head, ‘strikes’, whereas Judo and Sambo are methods used for grappling.

The expertise and the most deadly forms of art come in when the use of weapons is involved. This is termed as weaponry in martial arts and people equipped with such skills are considered to be the most dangerous warriors.

There is no doubt about the fact that people all over the globe have recognized the importance of this art and that is the reason as to why martial arts industry has grown to the status of one of the most sought after at present. Putting into use the physical and mental strength one is gifted with, forms the key to success in martial arts.

Concentration Put To Work

The aspect of martial arts is something that has fascinated people of the present times, as they find it no less than a mystery as to how one can fight with the use of minimum strength and still manage to send the opponent rolling down on the floor in a matter of no time. There is no doubt about the fact that a person who has mastered martial arts is no less than a one man army. The importance associated to these aspects by media and the entertainment industry, is one main reason as to why people of the present times show an interest in wanting to learn these ancient fighting forms. The main point about these forms of fighting is that they are very close to nature and that is the reason as to why the blows that come from a person who practices martial arts are so deadly.

Though the connection between the aspects of physical strength and mental strength is not known to many people of the present times, it would be worth mentioning here that a martial arts warrior uses the physical strength of his in coordination with the inner strength of his which makes him  more dangerous than any other warrior who looks strong physically. Thus, in case one gets to learn martial arts, he should consider himself lucky and grasp the opportunity to learn this ancient form of fighting. Not many of us are aware of the fact that ‘martial arts’, as a whole is inspired by the nature and is an imitation of the fighting techniques of animals. Thus, one would not be wrong in terming martial arts as those forms of fighting that started as survival techniques in the initial days of man’s story. With time more expertise and effort was put in this regard giving it its present form.

The coordination between the hands and the eye is a field that needs to be focused on, in order to achieve success in martial arts. It is known that it is equally important to protect oneself from the blow of the opponents ,as it is important to land the right kind of blow at the right time. Thus, provided one trains his mind and body to perfection, he can anticipate the moves of his enemy and take steps towards protecting himself from the blows. It is in this regard that meditating and fighting with a blindfold proves helpful. Determination and strength to face the worst is a prerequisite for a good martial arts warrior. Unless he makes up his mind to do whatever it takes to make a name in this field, the effort put by him will not be fruitful.

Hence, a person who makes up his mind to learn martial arts needs to surrender himself to the teacher or guru, and follow his instructions closely. With years of practice and the right kind of food intake, a person can prove to be dangerous to any opponent.

Advantages of Learning Martial Arts

When one hears the term, ‘martial arts’, the moves of personalities like Bruce Lee, flash in front of his eyes. The reason for this is the expertise he possessed in this art and the impact he made on the world owing to the impeccable class of his. However, in the present day scenario with each person looking for some art or talent that can add a ‘X’ factor to his personality, opting to learn martial arts would be a great decision.

The reason for this is that martial arts not only provides a person with strength and confidence to face any unexpected danger, but also ensures that one grows mentally and spiritually. Thus, the effort and the time invested in learning martial arts would be totally worth it.

Before beginning a discussion on martial arts, it would be ideal to know as to what forms the base of this technique. The history and the evolution of Martial arts on its own, is quite interesting, owing to the religious association with this art. One would not be wrong in terming that martial arts has had its input from different beliefs of the world and that is the reason as to why it has grown to the status of the purest and the most dangerous fighting skills of the present times.

The term has been derived from the Roman word ‘Mars’, which means the art of warfare. Evidences of these methods being in use from the early days of man’s life are clearly seen from some of the paintings on the rocks. However, in the present day scenario, martial art has become more of an art that is used for self defense unlike the olden days where it was used for war.

As the saying goes, ‘with power comes responsibility’, martial arts is an art that is taught to a person only after he learns self control. This is made possible by constant inputs of meditation. One needs to note the fact that since martial arts involves deadly skills, only a person who has self control can use it the right way.

Thus, equally important in martial training are methods of exercise for the mind so that a person remains calm headed always. This can be counted as an added advantage of learning martial arts. It is quite difficult to find a trainer who can teach you all the details pertaining to moves that can come in handy. There are many institutes that specialize in the field of martial arts and kickboxing. These institutes would be the ideal choice for beginners, as the basics will be taught here.

In case, one wishes to specialize and wants to learn more in this regard, the reputed institutes of martial arts and Brazilian Jujitsu would be of great help. Summing up, provided one succeeds in mastering this art, then there is no doubt about the fact that he is equipped with a skill that stands next to nothing else in the present day world.

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