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Metabolism Boosting Snack Foods

Metabolism Boosting Snack Foods

When you make the decision to rev up your metabolism, snacks will be a vital part of your diet plan. This is because as you minimize the food you eat you will have to have more frequent meals in order to keep your energy levels up and your metabolism running. In most cases you will want to keep snacks simple and “on the go” friendly.

Use the following suggestions for snacks that will keep your metabolism up all day for ultimate fat and calorie burning ability. Additionally, these will provide you with options to ensure you do not become bored eating the same thing day after day.

1.       Habaneros 
These are extremely hot and spicy peppers that will increase your metabolism leading to a substantially higher amount of calories and fat burned throughout the day.

2.       Almonds 
Almonds have the ability to positively affect insulin levels and help those who are dieting feel full faster, which helps to prevent overeating. A handful of almonds are a great snack on the go or at home.

3.       Dark Chocolate 
This is good news for dieters, eating dark chocolate can actually help you lose weight. It does this by reducing the amount of stress chemical cortisol in the body, which typically stores fat in the body.

4.       Ginger 
The ginger root possesses heat much like hot peppers. As a result it has the same beneficial results such as helping digestion, reducing the appetite and raising the metabolic rate after eating. Surprisingly ginger can be added to a number of snacks, giving them a unique taste.

5.       Apple Cider Vinegar 
In the past this has been called the “miracle” supplement. While it is far from a miracle it does provide weight loss benefits for those who either drink it or take it in supplement form. There have been studies that it is linked to a significant reduction of weight, as well as waist circumference when taken consistently.

6.       Poppy Seeds 
While their popularity stems from the tops of hamburger buns and muffins, there are a plethora of uses for these seeds. They can provide you a full feeling with little caloric intake. However, their outer shell provides your body with a longer digestive process, utilizing more calories (energy) thus aiding in weight loss.

7.       Tarragon 
This interesting herb provides flavor to otherwise bland dishes while giving your metabolism a subtle boost. In most cases this is ideal for giving flavor to dishes that may be tasteless or boring.

8.       Quinoa 
A whole wheat treat that can help you feel full for hours. Quinoa is rich in both protein and the good carbohydrates that help speed up your metabolism and enable you to lose weight faster

9.       Pomegranate Seeds 
Pomegranate juice has received hype for being a health promoting drink; however the seeds have their own benefits that can actually increase your weight loss by a substantial amount. These little seeds are great when you want a sweet treat, low in calories and full of fiber and disease fighting antioxidants.

10.   Goji Berries 
These berries have a tart flavor and provide you with a satisfying snack that will keep your appetite curbed and under control. Additionally, these chewy berries are full of antioxidants, amino acids and protein, which support any diet plan.

11.   Pumpkin 
Pumpkin is full of fiber, which can be extremely beneficial when trying to lose weight. Additionally, if you do not particularly like the taste you can manipulate it to fit your palate, for example add cinnamon for a sweet treat that is great for your waist.
As you are trying to plan your diet plans you should keep in mind that choosing foods with a lower calorie count means that you should be able to get full, prior to eating too much. This is important in “tricking” your mind that you are full, when you have not eaten as many calories as you would have with the processed, non-diet foods you eat on other occasions. Planning snacks and having them readily available is essential in sticking to a diet plan. If you get too hungry, with no healthy selections available, you may find yourself cheating and blowing your diet.

12.   Cauliflower 
Cauliflower is high in both Vitamin C and folate, which have both been proven to aid in weight loss and promote a healthier metabolism.

13.   Peanuts 
Several studies have shown that individuals who consumed peanuts through the course of the day tended to eat less later on and lose weight quicker.

14.   Bulgur 
This is a type of whole wheat that is extremely high in fiber. Due to its high fiber content it is very helpful in regulating blood sugar levels in your body. Additionally, Bulgur aids in digestion, which will speed up your metabolism.

15.   Walnuts 
Besides fish, walnuts contain one of the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids that occur naturally in food. Eating walnuts as a snack is extremely beneficial to weight loss, as well as overall health.

16.   Soup 
Eating soup between meals can reduce the hunger that dieters feel and provide a boost for metabolism as it works to break down both the solid and liquid elements of the soup. However, be careful about the type of soups you choose and stick to clear broths, rather than creamy ones.

17.   Coconut Oil 
Coconut is full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that can boost metabolism. The components of coconut oil are able to be processed faster, which raises the metabolism of those who consumer it.
The fact is when you snack you need to choose something that will satisfy your sweet or salty craving, while providing nutritional and metabolic benefits. Each of the foods listed here will help you achieve this and provide you with ultimate fat burning capabilities.

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