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The Essential Beard Care Products You Need to keep it Perfect

We all love fashion for our own reasons.

Most people embrace fashion because it gives them an esteem boost, while others have adopted it as a normal way of life and wouldn’t feel any less than they already do, if they can’t afford to rock trends.

Normally, when most people think about fashion, the first thing that pops into their head is how expensive it is to cultivate.

Surprisingly, it’s not that complicated, neither is it as expensive as most folks think. It just requires your consciousness and dedication towards the look and image you want to develop or maintain.

However, before getting lost in the sea of Rabans and Louboutins, it’s important to take good care of the body that houses these fashion materials.

For ladies, they have their makeovers and concealers, which make them look spectacular in their own way, and for us, we have our facial hair to take care of.

If you haven’t noticed, beards add this mature and sexy look to any attire we rock.

As a matter of fact, most ladies have added this to the list of the things they’d want in their “ideal” man.

And since impressing the ladies is one of the reasons we put ourselves out there and embrace fashion, we should learn to follow good practice when it comes to grooming ourselves, and more specifically, in this case, to take good care of our beards, and make them meet up to our fashion standards by using beard care products to our advantage.

I personally follow a site called for my grooming needs. They have great tips and guides and also review the latest grooming gadgets on the market for men.

Below is a list of the top 5 beard care products every real man should have in his closet.

#1. Beard Oil:

Beard Oils are one of the basic beard care products, and they work just like beard creams, but in a more natural and efficient way.

They are a combination of important ingredients that increase the quality and health of your beard and the skin under your hair.

It mainly focuses on adding moisture to your beard so it doesn’t look dry, knotted, frizzed or unkempt. It also controls the spilt ends for a fashionable look.

The skin under your beard is as important as the hair you’re taking care of. You don’t want acne or eczema down there…

Beard oils, being one of the most important beard care products, are typically made up of natural skin ingredients including extracts from natural seeds, aloe Vera, castor oils etc.

All of these, blended together in to the perfect beard oil in the right proportions can give your beard and skin the dashing look that you so desire.

#2. Beard Cream:

Some men would rather consider using beard cream to beard oil, as they consider it a more fashionable beard care product.

Beard creams work just like beard oil, but differ in few areas.

Beard creams are more fashionable and more mentionable in discussions among men, and they also provide better scent.

It’s important to note that beard creams contain beard oils or beard oil ingredients, which make them an equal option with beard oils.

Beard oils tend to irritate some men, or non-users you might eventually come in contact with, hence making cream a more soothing option.

At the end of the day, they all work in favor of your beard and the skin underneath


3. Beard combs:

Beard combs are used before and after beard cream and oil to give your beard the look you so desire.

It’s an important part of the beard care products every real man should have in his closet.

The trick isn’t just to make your beard shiny and moisturized, you should also get the right combs according to the length of your beards and make them look more fashionable.

Majorly, the combs make sure that there’s a thorough and even distribution of beard oil or beard thought out the area.

Beard Combs are preferable for styling beards.

Make sure that you purchase one that fits the texture and size of your beards to avoid complications including beard loss and damage to the skin.


Beard Brush:

The Beard brush is just as important as the beard comb, but doesn’t exactly do the same thing for your beard.

Although, it also ensures an even and thorough distribution or beard oil or beard cream throughout your beard area, its major function is quite different.

Beard brushes, when used on your beard, give a natural, old school look to your beard, which is just what you might need, depending on the occasion, attire or length of your beard, unlike the comb which is a more stylish beard care product.


#5. Beard Wash:

Washing of the beard is one of the most important care you could give to your beard.

Just as you need to take your bath on a regular basis, before applying deodorant, it’s just as important that you wash your beard regularly with the appropriate beard care products to grow a healthier beard.

In this case, there are quite a few beard care products that are used for washing the beard, just as much as you have for the hair on your head.

beard care product


The major beard wash products are explained below.

1. -Beard Shampoo:

This is one of the major beard care products that every bearded man should have in his closet.

Beard Shampoo is used by applying it to wet beard, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

Some users may follow a shampooing with the use of a beard conditioner.

The goal of using beard shampoo is to remove the unwanted build-up in the hair without stripping out so much sebum and making the hair look more fashionable.

Special beard shampoos are available for people with dandruff, color-treated hair etc. and those that are interested in organic and plant-derived beard care products.


2. – Beard Conditioner:

Just like in your normal hair, the beard conditioner is a hair care product that improves the texture and appearance of your beard.

They are applied and massaged into the hair immediately after washing and drying your hair with the beard shampoo.

Beard conditioners contain moisturizers, acidifiers, surfactants, protein and oils among other ingredients to increase the quality and health of your beards. Using the best beard conditioners will make a great difference to your look.

As much as your beards can give you a better and mature look, they can also cause a huge nightmare for you if you don’t take proper care of them with the appropriate beard care products!

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