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The Ultimate  Hip Flask

I have been on the lookout for the perfect hip flask for what in fact might be my whole life (no joke!).

There are so many low quality flasks out there that it actually makes the task of finding the perfect one very difficult. However, coming across SWIG hip flasks has changed all that. I honestly think these are the best hip flasks in the world. I’ll show you why.

Firstly, they come in fantastic red & black bordered packaging – the perfect accompaniment if you are looking to give the flask as a gift – ideal for say a 21st birthday or Father’s Day. Inside the box is not only the amazing flask itself, but it is resting on a beautiful padded cushion which adds to the sense of quality (and that is just the packaging!)



This particular flask is the Brown Harris Tweed Flask. I am a huge fan of green/brown tweeds – and this flask was the perfect choice to pair with the same style of jacket.

The workmanship is faultless. In your hand the flask has a good weight, not too light, not too heavy, meaning both practicality and durability were taken into account during its creation. The tweed pouch was made on the Isle of Skye, using exclusive tweed sourced from the Isle of Lewis and Harris, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Another note is that if say I wanted to go out in a blue tweed jacket, you can easily order different pouches to suit your need, so I could get a blue tweed pouch or an executive one for formal occasions. This variability and customisation is another reason I like them so much.

As well as the flask itself, you can register your flask’s unique number to enrol (for free) in the SWIG Society, the perks of which include an invitation to the annual SWIG Society party for members. Also if you lose your flask cap, by being a registered member you will be able to sort out a replacement for only the postage cost. Not bad eh?


I was really impressed with the cap itself, it offers a secure twist and stopper which feels like it’ll last a lifetime.


You can remove the ‘naked’ flask from the pouch and find its SWIG number on the top right hand corner.

I literally could find no fault to these flasks. With their price being very reasonable for the impeccable quality that you receive and the clear importance to the company of putting their customers first, I deem these to be the best hip flasks in the world. My search for the perfect hip flask is over.

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