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Understanding Women Through the Relationship Stages

For many men, understanding women is like comprehending nuclear physics or achieving nirvana. It seems like an almost impossible task for which even an unlikely success requires a lifetime to achieve. And it’s not a new dilemma either, as even the notorious Romantic Lord Byron once uttered one of the more famous understanding women quotes two hundred years ago: “What a strange thing man is; and what a stranger thing woman.”

Yet it is possible. Although it’s easy to find every type of guide to understanding women when you surf the Internet, the real articles written by expert will acknowledge the fact that you have to prove yourself at every turn.

Once you accept that a relationship with a woman is a never-ending series of tests you have to take and pass, then it should be easier for you to accept what you have to do in order to be proven worthy. Here are the first three stages of a relationship, and the tests you need to ace to get to the next level.

Stage 1: How To Talk To Girls You Have Just Met

When you are still a stranger to a girl, the fundamental attitude a girl feels deep inside is wariness. This is why understanding women is hard for some guys, as most men cannot truly fathom how vulnerable women feel when meeting a man they’ve never met before. For all they know, you could be a serial killer!

This is why humor is often emphasized by many experts, because when used properly it can defuse underlying tensions and make women feel more at ease. You have to tread the middle ground between looking safe and being boring.

But talking to women and making them smile and laugh comes later. First you need to present visual clues as to your suitability.

What the hell does that mean?

Well, in other words, try to look good and presentable. Fix your hair, wear clean clothes that fit you properly, and for goodness’ sake take a shower every now and then. All these grant you greater confidence in yourself and can help you with your initial interaction with the woman to help you secure a date.

Stage 2: Proving Yourself While Dating

understanding women quotesMost guys are aware that the dating process is basically an audition, although the role may not be the same from the perspective of the man and the woman.

Men seem to think that a date is a test to prove themselves as suitable sex partners. Of course, women don’t have to prove this to a man, because if a man asks a woman out and he’s already saying that he would like to have sex with her.

Women, on the other hand, are generally in search of a suitable romantic partner. Please take note that the term is romantic partner and not just sexual partner. 

If your level of understanding women allows you grasp this fact, then it may enable you stop focusing on just being cool and “sexy” and start on emphasizing your niceness and your success in life.

Stage 3: Continuously Justifying Her Choice When You’re Dating Exclusively

One of the secrets to understanding women that many men can’t seem to fully realize is that women can be just as insecure as men.

This is why women tend to regularly test your devotion to her: they need to know that you still find her attractive.

So don’t be surprised when she asks you questions that feel more like traps. If she asks you if she looks fat (this is a cliché for a reason), be smart enough not to tell the truth if you actually think she does. Tell her, in your most sincere tone, that she always looks hot to you.

It helps if you demonstrate this with kisses and hugs and other signs of physical intimacy.

Some men may balk at this eternal process of always having to take tests, but this is the wrong way to view the situation. Instead, think of it as playing through a video game or even as just driving every day.

Understanding women can be just as simple as driving to and from the office, and it can be second nature to you over time when you’ve gained enough experience and skill. 

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